Butterfly orbit

The 'Butterfly Orbit' (1998) is the winning design of an international competition for an artwork in a sober building of the technical university in Graz designed by the architect Riegle-Rieuwe. The sculpture consists of a slender, 143 meters long steel tube, which twists and meanders through the interior and exterior of the building.

Like a wandering, fluttering butterfly it follows its course and every now and then is illuminated, as certain sections contain neon light, which reflects in the glass wall and roof.
In April 2000 the 'Dragonfly Orbit' (150 metres) was placed in the second building.

The sculpture, in a different brilliant blue, starts deep down in the lecture room and winds up outside in a large fanciful loop. The uninhibited, playful shape of the sculpture contrasts markedly with the severe lines of the building, complementing each other nicely.